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Rice Facts

Rice Facts

Basis is the glue of the rice market
by Firstgrain
There are two and only two ways to look at the rice market. You can look at it as a cash price or you can look at it through basis. Read More
Market Alerts

Market Alerts

Rice Market outlook video
by Milo Hamilton
Here is the Youtube video on the market outlook from the Milo Hamilton's webinar this week with Bobby Coats. Read More
The Origins of Rice

The Origins of Rice

Where and when did rice come on the scene?
by MIlo Hamilton
The origin of rice is hotly contested in Asian countries. The debate may have some value as areas seek better seed stock and strategies to fill consumer demand. Read More

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"If you farm as a way of life, it will get expensive but if you farm as a business, you can have a rewarding way of life."
– Merrill Oster
Founder of Professional Farmers of America
"The future belongs to the learner while the learned will find beautiful ways to cope with a world that no longer exists."
– Erick Hoffer
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Firstgrain Newsletter Services

The Firstgrain Rice Market Strategist is published weekly and covers the world rice market starting with rough rice markets in strategic regions across the globe. It compares rough rice to milled price trends. For us all world price trends and reversals start at the farm gate price. We are the only rice service that watches all local paddy as well as milled rice prices in key trading nations.

Our services integrate tactical considerations in your rice positioning during the marketing year with long-term strategy relevant to producers, traders, brokers, land owners, equipment owners and processing facility owners. The Strategist balances short-term developments with long-term consequences. An old Chinese proverb states our market orientation, "Those who do not pay attention to the far-away will have trouble in the near-by."

We also publish the California Medium Grain letter, which watches global developments in this smaller specialty rice market.

Consulting Services

Our service includes text message and phone advising on positions. We answering questions from our subscribers or find better questions to ask. We mentor your new hires and sharpen up your current marketing skills. We watch your blind side in markets that can come at you fast and out of left field. We help lower your risk of loss and increase your opportunity for gain.

Special consulting services are also available such as special marketing needs and research issues inside your organization. In both Asia and the Americas, we lecture and guide others on outlook and strategy of the kind featured here on this website in our publications section. Our staff includes two trained agricultural economists, statisticians and data researchers versed in both long and medium grain world markets. Firstgrain has trusted collaborators across the rice world to check out issues that might impact your local market. We do not just report the news. We find the news you can trust and deliver it in a timely fashion.