"The precious things are not pearls and jade but the five grains, of which rice is first" - Chinese Proverb
The Rice Marketing Strategist Chicago Board of Trade
Milo Hamilton
by Milo Hamilton

January 27...There is a lack of big picture thinking out there now because of the bearishness about corn
Jack Scoville
by Jack Scoville

April 23...Prices closed near unchanged in old crop months as the cash markets remain quiet, but higher in new crop
Gene Martin
by Gene Martin

April 22...Rice traded well within yesterday’s wide range and closed unchanged to a bit higher. USDA says that
John Lestingi
by John Lestingi

April 14...We go to the universities and colleges across America to study and learn about accounting, history
Kevin Ries
by Kevin Ries

April 23...May rice futures ended a bit higher, settling up a nickel at 15.24 after having traded a 15.16 1/2-15.25
Drew Lerner
by Drew Lerner

April 7...U.S. planting is behind the usual pace because of too much rain and cool soil temperatures, but improvements
Shahid Tarer
by Shahid Tarer

April 8...The Pakistan market is dead at the moment. The recent Rupee appreciation has made it difficult
John Lynch
by John Lynch

November 22...As regards El Nino, the models are essentially forecasting little overall change in
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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What would a world rice futures contract look like?
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