"The precious things are not pearls and jade but the five grains, of which rice is first" - Chinese Proverb
The Rice Marketing Strategist Chicago Board of Trade
Global Rice Market and Trade Summit - October 27-29
Global Rice Market
and Trade Summit

October 27-29, 2014, Bangkok International trade nd Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Thialand
Global Rice Market and Trade Summit - Day 1
ASEAN Rice Market Outlook
by David Dawe
Rice in the Americas
by Dwight Roberts
Where is the Global Rice Market Going?
by Sam Mohanty
Rice Sector Restructuring in the Mekong Delta: >Implications for Exports
by Dr. Nguyen Van Bo
MYANMAR: From Asia’s Forgotten Rice Bowl to Feeding the Future
by UYe Min Aung
Global Rice Market and Trade Summit - Day 2
Who produces CHEAP rice?
by Flordeliza Bordey
THE FIRST QUESTION: Is there a commodity market for rice?
by Milo Hamilton
Factors Affecting Middle East & African Markets
by Rajeev Raina
An In-depth Analysis of India’s Rice Crop & Export Potential
by T. Mohapatra
Fragrant Rice Market Update: Basmati and Jasmine Rice Exports from Asia
by V. Subramanian
Changing Rice Trade Policies and Their Implication for the Global Rice Market
by Eric J. Wailes
A Long-Term Perspective on Chinese Rice Imports
by Jun Yang
Speech given by Milo Hamilton:
2014 USA Rice Outlook Conference
Little Rock, Arkansas 8 December 2014
When Rice Shakes the World
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