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Rice Trends
BAD TREND: Declining trade into Latin America
by Firstgrain
Demand for rice imports in Latin America are growing. US ships rice to Latin America. This is all good news. But the bad news is slipping market share by US rice merchants. Read More

GOOD TREND: As for beans from 1995-2005, now for rice 2015-2025 we think...
by Firstgrain
Rice today is where soybeans were 15 years ago. China imported over one million MT of beans in the mid-1990s and everyone thought it was a flash in the pan. It was not over the first six years Chin... Read More

GOOD TREND: India is a rice wild card
by Firstgrain
India was the largest rice exporter recently after banning exports in 2008. Will this topsy turvy trade policy for rice continue? Read More