White Paper
Rice Market Academy
PART I: How rice futures took root in Japan, then New Orleans and finally in the Windy City of Chicago.
by Milo Hamilton
We tend to forget that before there was a rice futures, there was no rice futures. Read More

PART II: The Next Five Years for Rice Futures
by Milo Hamilton
If you remove the constraint of time, the future of rice futures is bright. Rice will follow the path of wheat and expand to global trade. Resistance to hedging will diminish as the old are replace... Read More

III: The Long-Term Future for Rice Futures
by Milo Hamilton
Rice futures are not a dead concept in the world of rice commerce, just overlooked. Read More

Some good and not so good ways to market your current rice crop.
by Milo Hamilton, Senior Economist
The same principles that applied to your selling before the new farm program still apply here. You can sell slowly or fast. You can sell at harvest or lateer in the season. In the end any payment f... Read More

There is lots of mythology about rice futures here is fact versus fiction.
by Milo Hamilton
When people talk about rice futures what they say is largely wrong and misguided. There are 8 myths that we want to dispell in your mind, so if you will read on and take a look. Read More